We are supporting Buddy’s Rural Animal Rescue!

We are supporting Buddy’s Rural Animal Rescue!

We are supporting Buddy’s Rural Animal Rescue! 1944 1296 fm-admin

We are proud to announce that we are supporting BRAR and that 10% of sales will be donated to this very deserving charity. The charity is ran by Judy Bowden and below she explains the fantastic work they do.

“My name is Judy Bowden and my husband is Peter..we run the village shop which has been in the family since 1964 in a small village in Somerset
Our Rescue started as a small venture locally and expanded very quickly…
Our work with dogs is a passion that we both enjoy ……
BRAR is based in Somerset working mainly with Spaniels & Labradors (and a few others that come our way) assessing each dog individually for a possible future on the field as a Gun dog, with in the forces, and those that really just want to be a pet.

Some of the dogs we work with have come from loving homes where circumstances have changed and we do our best to keep previous owners informed as to how the dog is getting on whilst in our care with photos and updates. Once the dog is re homed we reach a cut off stage but as and when a photo is received that is forwarded on to the previous owner.

Some dogs come from a difficult background and their past will never be elaborated on publicly …. with others we will never know the full story…and whilst we can guess we can not speculate what may or may not have happened! But every photo tells its own story!

All dogs coming in live in our home, are assessed 24/7 so we really get to know them very well, They are well fed, exercised and most have a recall before leaving us. We work with in our means and have a couple of dogs in at any one time… We work with the dog before us and move them forward ensuring they are what we say they are.”